Belchamp Walter Wheel of Fortune

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This mural, to the left of the entrance to the church on the South wall, is the "mystery painting". There are various interpretations on whether it is actually a depiction of a Wheel of Fourtune or Saint Sebastian, who was wounded with arrows shot at him, the archers leaving him for dead. His wounds were healed by Irene, widow of the martyr Saint Castulus.

Belchamp Walter Wheel of Fortune

The photograph above was taken from the Stillleaf-Ipernity website. A photo taken by the webaster will be posted as soon as it can be taken. Please visit the Stillleaf website and see his other fine photographs.

The condition of this mural is not good. There is definitly a wheel and arrows. The photograph above shows what could be an image of a woman (Irene?), I am not so sure - it looks more like a repair in the plaster.


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Belchamp Walter Wheel of Fortune