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If you have found this page expecting a method to search this website I am sorry to disappoint. The discussion here is my philosophy on why I haven't got one yet. If fact there are times where I would like one for myself as I often wonder where I have mentioned a particular subject and I am forced to search my source files for that information.

There are times when I think that site-search would be a bad thing as it would allow those finding my pages after making a Google or other web search and then wondering what else I may have posted.

On my old page that I speculated on whether I should try to implement a search facility of my own. I subsequently decided to concentrate my efforts on SEO.

The site search that seems to be a default with most Wordpress themes works quite well.

Having a database would help here

This is why you see this pretty much as standard on Wordpress themes. All data and "control information" on Wordpress is stored in a MySQL database. As such you can search this database for any pages or the content on those pages. The database will automatically be indexed and tables linked to enable the Wordpress website to operate.


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