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Web Programming

Web Programming

I have dabbled in all of the programes mentioned in the title (tag) of this page.

Some of uses, if not all, of these languages were attempts, some successful, to get something to work on the Internet. For example, started out trying to market personal email addresses to Internet users, registering domains and setting up addresses for them. This involved a Perl or Python script to check the availiabilty of a domain name. These services are really common now so I was definetly onto a non-starter.

I spent a far amount of time trying to get an email mailer form to work, in various guises. The outcme of which was to confirm that even the existance of php form handler script was an open invitation for hackers to try and use the form and my resources for no-good. I identified a number of "unsafe" web forms and I eventually gave up.

Another succesful, for a time, was the use of a complex Perl program to download media from the BBC iPlayer service.

cgi and asp were considered for custom error page handling, but I did not get too far with this!

Forms and Mailers

I have developed many of these over the years. The Village Hall website has many examples of these.

I do have a Feedback form (live) on this website that sends an email to webmaster@tempusfugit and copies a Hotmail address. I deleted all mailer and other php files from the Village Hall servers.

A recap on my work on forms.


This is becoming more of an area of interest to me.

Responsive Web Design

Most recently the programing of media queries for web page rendering.

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