Menu Systems Review

Having played around a bit more with CSS I thought it was time to review all the menu options that are available.

I see that I don't have an example of fixed top navbar and I chose the fixed bottom bar for this design.

This continues on from my experiments with onScroll

Whan I was trying to get a "top of page" button on the bottom navbar to display only when the page has been scrolled I see that the code hss been covered from a slightly different angle.

Some designs that I like

The Colne Stour site is a top nav site with a slideshow on its home page (similar to mine). The site is reponsive but the slide show is not.

Breaking the css

I think that I have enough menu designs and templates to work with. I can change them around more but it is too easy to break the css. For example, the wp_emulate2 template works the way that I want but it uses two header classes to get the menu open and close buttons to work. Putting a display: fixed in the class declaration breaks the way that the menu button works.

As I have based my controlled slide show template on wp_emulate2 I need to start another example so I don't break what I already have.


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Menu Systems Review