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Code Analysis

I am migrating the development back to this main website. I have somewhat withdrawn some of my intensive development for the Village Hall website. This is due to the lack of activity due to Coronavirus and the apparent lack of interest in the site in general. Far more attention is paid to platforms such as FB.

I started this development for the Village Hall website and the images are uploaded to - This is a good opp to consolidate my code and to do some more analysis of what I have achieved. Also I can see what I can do in as far as development using the iPad Pro

The buttons on the bottom menu are supposed to control the slidshow. Some work others don't......

On page load (or reload) the last image is displayed. Starting the slideshow with either the "fast" or "slow options" from the loaded static display work as they should. Pressing the "fast" AND "slow" options in succession results in the rwo timing functions (aparrently) competing resulting in an erratic display.

The "pause" option doesn't work properly but does reset the slide index. It should stop the display and maintain the displayed image.

CSS and Scripts

I am using a few experimental files here - slides.js and a gal.css - I may have modified the main css and js files to get this to work (as far as it does). I will have to recheck them and tidy them up if I use them for a template. For example, the slides.js have display functiions that control the time of slide display - I want to make this so that I can pass a parameter to a function instead of having functions that have a fixed time for "Faster" and "slower" (Fast and Slow).

The Menu System on this page

As I have migrated the code over from the VH site there may have been a few things that I may have missed. I have used the same basic menu that I developed to emulate the Wordpress "Business" that I am currently using for the VH.

I may want to change the Parish Council template to another variation of the menu used here and that used on this site currently. My goal is to make the sites look different from each other. Also, in the unlikely event of giving assistance to someone to build a site for themselves I can offer a means for them to have their own unique design. At the moment I am leaning to just recommend a solution - something that I have little enthusiasum to persure further than what I was proposing for the VH site.

Next version

One of the problems when a new design is developed any further changes, that may result in the fuctionality decreasing, are obscured. For the next version of this gallery I will leave this version as it is for comparison.

What works and what doesn't

Some of the menu options at the bottom work but the page needs to be reloaded to clear previous actions.

At the present time this page downloads jpgs from - this serves as a test for the operation of the TSOHost website. I can't see why the MySlides container cannot contain a video. I will have to try this but with a slow Internet speed this would probably not work too well (rather like the DJI website!)

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