Belchamp Walter Parish Council

BW2 Template Test page

Work to develop a secondary template for the Parish Council website


The body container on this page is 700px. This needs to be adjusted depending on how much there is on the page.

The css and scripting on this page need to be incorporated on the appropriate external files. Fuctions include myScroll2() and clear_show().

The logic works pretty well but I would like the bottom menu to clear when the page is scrolled up not just with the pressing of the menu option.

The menu on this page is based on a W3.css object and is an unordered list that is styled as hoverable, a "card" and centred (both on the screen and in the list).

The "card" gives the menu/list a shadow, just like my original header, footer and menu items.

The hoverable list has the W3 default colours.

Menu Button Fix

The W3 template taken as is (or at least my adaption adding a menu created from W3 containers) had a problem with the menu buttons not having a hover over the complete button. To select menu items the cursor or click had to be over the menu text.

I added a new class that made the buttons have a display: block - this was similar to my original menu on my main pages.

       #menu li a { text-decoration:none; display: block;

I then had to add the id="menu" to the <ul>


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