The Concept of Simple Website creation

The concept is:

A website from one or more text files

You can generate a website using just two files. You will probably want more. These files are html and css and maintained using a simple editor. My concept is based on templates that I have developed over the years.

Simple Intuitive Menus

See the menus on this and related pages. They work on all screen sizes. The bottom menu will reconfigure on a Smartphone screen.

No special software needed

Just what comes on your computer. Anything else is a free download. Files are created and edited using a basic text editor. Files are uploaded to the webserver of your choice and that service may also offer the software to upload your design.

Complete control of design and uploading of content

Why so Simple?

The website exists on your local computer. You upload it when you are happy wth how it looks. You have complete control on how your website looks.

As I have stated over and over again, the website maintenance is easy and just a question of learing how to change a few lines of code in my templates. If you decide to go this route I can supply full and detailed instructions on what to change. As time progresses and depending on interest I will continue to develop my sites interface.


The Concept of Simple Website creation