Running a website

The creation and maintenance of an effective website is a lot of work. While not particularly difficult there needs to be a major time commitment and a realistic expectation of what you wnat to achieve with the site.

Once you have decided on a website name you will need to register it and arrange for a service to host it. Most hosting services will have a facility to check the availablity of a domain name.

Choosing a Hosting/Domain registation service

This is a matter of individual choice. I use

A hosting service will also offer tools to maintain your website such as a Control Panel to administer your account and probably free CMS. offer Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal for CMS, plus other tools to upload content.

I do not use a CMS application.

I use FileZilla, an ftp application, to upload my web pages.

Time Commitment

This should not be underestimated. The creation of a website is possibly the easy bit, keeping it up-to-date is the thing that takes your time. If you have attempted to maintain a News Letter you will know that it can be a time consuming excercise.


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Running a website