The first thing I have to say that the IT/Computer/Programmer world is a strange bunch of people. I know this as I worked in the industry for a number of years!


I came across Notepad++ when looking for a replacement editor for MultiEdit, the editor I was using prior to Notepad++.

There is a boycott afoot about Notepad++

The authors of Notepad++ are French, not that this is comment on their merits, the fact that they are also outspoken in political matters is of no consequence to me or this website.

I might point but that there is a little inconsistncy in that the critisism that the authors have receieved is both pro and anti Muslim. The fact that it is thought that npp should concentrate on the production of software and refrain from polical comment. I would be pretty sure that the majority of users would be unaware of their stance on the Chinese Uygur, Charlie Hebdo or the Gilet Jaune. If the death threats from the "Je suis Charlie" edition had been sucessful the Chinese needed have bothered!

The editor

Enough of this political nonsense, the editor is ideal for my type of site development. The main feature is that it allows the editing of multiple files at once, not that unique but it allows the links to be established between pages by maintaining the cursor in the pages you are linking. There is a contextual relationship to the code you are editing, in that keywords and general HTML syntax are highlighted in colour.

There are a lot of other features in npp that I don't even use so I cannot comment on them here.

The Process

The procedure is detailed on my page on "Editing and Uploading"


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