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After many years I have come the conclusion that there are very few reasons for me to have links to other websites on my pages.

I have always included them on my pages in the belief that it supported what the topic of the page and to give the visitor an indication that I had done my research. It is more like that anyone finding my pages is more likely to leave on one of these more "authorituve" links.


Looking things up myself

I admit that I had become a little paranoid that having searched for local information and then put what I had found as a result of my search on my pages that I was exposing myself to misinterpretation. The case of my research into the local history and some names that feature promenantly in that history may have attracted a few visits from those that were either similarly interested or were concerned about what I was posting about them.

Even a pretty simple search will come up with the Alan Freer website on the Descendants of William the Conqueror. I made this search so I am guessing others will. Such a search could be made by someone looking for information on the local history or just curious to find out information on local residents. In any case the link and the association with current names is not helpful to this website.

I formerly had links to Wikipedia pages for Local Historical Terms, I am slowly replacing them with defintions on the page the terms are used.

The removal of links

This will be a long process. In some cases I want to retain the fact that I do have a link to research and what it is. This is primarily so that I know to look in the source code.

Some links are higher value than others. Links to Wikipedia can be seen a low value as anyone making a similar search can find them. Those such as ones to (The Wayback Machine) are often found by making less than straight-forward searches.

You are about to leave this website. is a non-commercial website. No payment or benefit is gained by the placement of links to other websites.

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