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get_iplayer no longer works

If you make a search for "get_iplayer" you will find may pages and websites that will talk about the program. Please look at the dates on the posts. have used get_iplayer extensively when it worked, but today in 2021, sadly it no longer does.

get_iplayer was a really clever Perl script written by a BBC "insider", Phil Lewis (sometine in 2008).

Since that time the BBC have made many changes to the process that they deliver iPlayer programing. Therefore, it is not surprising that variations of the original script do not work. All along the get_iplayer script was not updated by Phil Lewis and was passed over to the "opensource" world to support any changes. This was okay for a while but eventually no changes to the script would make it work as it did when Phil first wrote it. Phil moved on from the original development as it appeared to be a conflict of interest for him as he was an expert still working in the field of programing and media distribution methods.

In addition to the lack of involvement by Phil in the on-going support for get_iplayer many "wannbe" programmers "took charge". Unfourtunatly, the skill level of those that took over support was rather lacking. In fact, although I did get involved to a minor manner it was far too far above my "pay grade" and my programming skills resided in a different sphere. My knowledge of Perl only extended to the implementation of programs that I understood. get_iplayer is a VERY complex script (as you will see if you look at the code liked below). No matter how detailed the download and configuration instructions are for the most current version of the script, which was around 2010, will not make it work in 2021.

If I ruled the world (Internet)

I would insist that out-of-date information be taken down from the web or at least clear dates on when the information was current and valid.

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