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The evolution of this website

As I become more and more successful with Google Search Console I have made quite a few changes to this website.

I am getting more and more relevant Impressions for my pages.

Changes for September/October 2021

Having had some spectacular success with Local SEO (some might say too successful), I have decided to make some changes.

Contrary to what some have thought it was not my intention to "destroy someones business". My main intention was to get their attention and maybe piss them off. This I did in spades!

I may have been a bit harsh in stating "Do not hire this person" in a way that it would appear as the first line that would appear in an Internet search. I have subsequently removed it. In any case I doubt that anything I say about this person is either going to change him or the villagers and locals response to him.

Removal of references to Belchamp Walter

Due to the fact that people in the local community have no clue to why this website exsists or what it is about, I have decided to back-off in this regard.

This also applies to my local history pages as there are too many areas where a misinterpretation can be made. The history of the village and the church is associated with a family that I am pretty certain has no clue. The level of commincation is the "pits" in any case. Sadly, it is just "another hill" for me.

9 May 2021

Village Hall website and The "Friends" website

The Village Hall website is pretty much useless. Unless there is significant input from the Village Hall executive no more development will be performed on it.

A similar situation exists for the "Friends" website. There needs to be input from the other members of the group and clear direction into what they want to achieve with a website. At the moment I think that their best bet is to use Social Media as there is more an interest and expertise in that area from the other members.

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