Thunderlow, Essex (Belchamp Walter)

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Thunderlow - Land of Aubrey de Vere

Belchamp [Walter] was a settlement in Domesday Book, in the hundred of Thunderlow and the county of Essex.

It had a recorded population of 48 households in 1086, putting it in the largest 20% of settlements recorded in Domesday.

As at 1086 - the date of Domesday

There were:

  • Households: 15 villagers. 7 freemen. 18 smallholders. 8 slaves.
  • Ploughland: 4 lord's plough teams. 10.5 men's plough teams.
  • Other resources: Meadow 70 acres. Woodland 20 pigs.

Livestock in 1066: 2 cobs. 24 cattle. 80 pigs. 160 sheep.
Livestock in 1086: 2 cobs. 28 cattle. 100 pigs. 200 sheep.

Definition of terms

Many of the terms taken from Domesday are derivations from the Latin and are historical useages and modern meanings may be a lot different to what they appear in a direct presentation.

The usage of the term "slaves" is more likely to be seen as "serfs" in more pc text.


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Thunderlow, Essex (Belchamp Walter)