Search Engine Optimisation of Local Pages

The goal of this website is promote interest in a range of topics including that of the local area. It remains an experiment in website design and optimisation.

One of the things that the webmaster has managed to do recently, Spring 2021, is to get pages to rank fairly highly in search engine results. Going forward thsi may be very useful to the Village and the church as there may be more people looking for local information. The websmaster is currently working on a number of areas in this regard. One of these is the promotion of a "Friends of St.Mary the Virgin, Belchamp Walter" support group.

My theory on why my page on the memorial in the church gets so many clicks is not that people are interested in the memorial and who is interred there, but by those looking for more current information.

Village Hall Website

Work continues on this................

If this works out and activities actually pick-up after the Covid lockdown then I could promote the events on this website.

What I am trying to do here

I am trying to prevent: "Look, I am famous - you can fid my family (me) on the Internet" or "Your Grandad is a bastard!" comments being made when my pages are found on the Internet.


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Search Engine Optimisation of Local Pages