The Logic of the "Local" Pages

I started this project in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the history of the area that I currently live. I am not sure which was the first page, it could have been the Church or maybe it was relating to listed properties in the area in which one I reside.

Due to recent events I have also started to add information to this website to capitalise on the fact that there may be those, of a more general nature, making searches to find out about the Village of Belchamp Walter.

What needs to be done

Many dates need to be checked - I can't emphasise all the work that must have gone into the family trees that Alan Freer did for the descendents of William the Conqueror. Also looking at some of my other links there are many other websites that may not continue to exist and I need to make copies of the relevant information if I am referring to it. a case in point is the site, run by a Kiwi, used to find information on the Dundonalds. I also came across a reference to TMG, The Master Genealogist. Also the software that was recommended to allow those researching their or other family histories to publish it to the web - I cannot say that I am too impressed.

Lovejoy pages need to be added to.

I may want to seperate and space some of the entries on the Local Page.


External Sources

The Logic of the "Local" Pages