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My primary interest in the Historic England website is the listing of Listed Buildings. While the note on their pages says that the information of the listings is from a "legacy" system they are not specific. My assumpsion is that the listing text is public domain.

If you are viewing this on a computer you can select buildings from the zoomable intreactive map found on the Historic England website.

Historic England is laregly funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Aerial Photo Explorer

This seems to be a newish venture on Historic England and now features on their home page. I was interested as there are some aerial photographs of Belchamp Walter


In my quest to make sure that I give the appropriate attribution and that I don't violate too many copyrights, I started to look at the Historic Englands policies in more depth.

The Historic England Website

Background to this page

Having seen some of my history pages being found by those making an Internet search I have decided to add a bit more context on how the pages came about.

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