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Now that I have sorted my mobile rendering I am now making the assumption that a visit from the result of a search is from a mobile device.

Seeing that I perform most of my mobile auditing on an iPhone this messes with my statistics. Perhaps this will be fixed when I switch over to GA4?



The new mobile header needs to be implemented. Hide the old menu header and copy and paste (replace) the new one.

Make sure that the sub-nav code is correct and in the right place (the "rotate" message should NOT display). My page with a discussion on the mobile considerations I have left this banner as an example. I have to resist the urge to remove it when I review the page!

Some of my pages seem to attract visits from those actually looking for information. Some of these include the Tortoise Stove in the Church, the Church itself and of course Lovejoy. These pages need to be made "Mobile Friendly" (on my terms). The other observation is that visits to pages such as those to the tortoise stove really should have had their file names composed properly.

Use of the 4th template layout

I now have a layout with the Mobile top-menu fixed.

Searches for things that don't exist

One of the problems that I have is that I see that people are looking for things that don't exist and I make a page for it. While this confirms the fact it is a bit like teaching a pig to sing.

An example of this is Zoom for Windows 10 in S-mode. As far as I know this does not exist and I don't really care!

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