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Belchamp Walter, Essex

The Tortoise Stove by Charles Portway

This page is part of an on-going research project on the history of Belchamp Walter and the manor of Belchamp Walter. If you have found it making a web search looking for geneological information then please bookmark this page and return often as I am likely to make regular updates. If you delve deeper into this website you will find many other pages similar to this one.

The "Tortoise" stove is probably the first thing to grab your attention on entering St. Mary the Virgin, Belchamp Walter.

The Tortoise Stove - St Mary's Church

The stove is still in working order and is lit for Christmas and special events.

Various repairs have been made to the stove over the years and there is non-original handle on the top opening. There are also some holes in the top but this does not stop the very effective "draw" of air that exhausts through a vertical stack that exits the Nave roof.

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Charles Portway sales brochure

Downloaded from the current Portway website (at least I thought that was where I found it).

Charles Portway Tortoise Stove - Belchamp Walter

The Portway stove is likely to be similar to model 7 in the brochure shown above and retailed for £6 and 16 shillings (unfortunatly the date of the brochure is unknown)

A current price taken from an ebay listing for a No. 2 Tortoise, fully restored, was £1,350 (plus 150 postage). The photographs on the listing included a page from a sales brochure.

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