An eCommerce "solution" for an organisation that needs sell product is pretty essential.

Ecwid advertise on the W3 Schools site and on the surface it looks like it could be a solution for the "Friends" eCommerce functionality. However, some reviews suggest that Ecwid may not the the best solution.

The question of a "Payment Gateway" still needs to be resolved and this may well be to use PayPal on the short-term.

The Ecwid Free Account

This account is supposed to be free.

There are limitations on the "free" account and they need to be investigated.


" ShopWired is a full service ecommerce platform. On ShopWired you'll get a fully working and complete website, with your ecommerce offering at its core. Ecwid is a different type of solution with users having to integrate the ecommerce functionality provided by Ecwid into other website platforms like Wordpress or Wix meaning they have two separate areas for managing their website. "


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