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The Cookie Policy of this website

My policy has changed.......

This is mainly due to the adding back of Google Analytics which sets its own cookies.

My old policy

My Cookie policy is that I do not use them! Ths is largely due to the fact that my code is simple and does not rely on 3rd party support.
I also have a very limited visitor interaction, in that I do not have comments or a facility where vistors can "join" my website. If a visitor wants to communicate with me they can do so via email.

It is my opinion that many websites, or their designers/administrators, do not understand what cookies do and why they should be aware of their use. They fall victim of the miriad of vendors that are all too willing to sell them a solution.

What are cookies

Basically the collection of information on the visitor to a website.

How to Set Cookies

I don't propose to explain this at length, suffice it to say there is a lot to be found on the Internet that shows how as an owner of a website how to do this.

I have experimented with setting cookies

How web-users can control how cookies are used

Users can block some or all cookies from websites that employ them. There is much information on this subject available on the Internet. However, when you do this you can expect that the website you are visiting is not responding in a way that the designer intended. In fact, you are not really gaining any greater level of privacy, dispite what the popup you may have agreed/declined with the respect to Cookies.

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The Cookie Policy of this website