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Can your website and pages be found?
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Can your website and pages be found?

The easiest way to do this, obvously, is to search for them yourself. Doing this will also reveal things about what has been indexed from your site that you would rather not be seen.

For example, I prototyped the Village Hall website on pages hosted on in a directory BWVH. Since that time I registered the domain and uploaded the content to there. However, the pages from has been indexed by Google. I have removed them as they are likely to confuse a visitor.

The indexing of pages

Your pages will only be found if they are indexed by a Search Engine Spider (robot) such as googlebot.

Pages and new content can be submitted to Google using Search Console.

The Village Hall website

The Village Hall website is now exclusively a hosted site. The pages on are not being updated. This is due to the Covid-19 situation and the general lack of interest in the Village Hall Website.

I also made a search for the village magazine, which a page is reserved on the Village Hall website and it can be found when making a search. I did this as the magazine is supposedly "virtual" due to the Corona Virus. I will post the magazine if I am given it.


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