Background to the Village Hall Website

I was asked to "take over" the responsibilty of the Village Website in January 2020.

The condition that I agreed to do this was that I was allowed to do it "my way". This means no Wordpress and the design is based on the work that I have been doing with websites for the last 20 years and building on the work that I had done on rebuilding the Parish Council website.

Data Privacy

I had some "issues" with way that the current/original Wordpress website made its declaration of its approach. Most of what was previously posted has been retained but there have been changes relating to visitor tracking, comments posted by visitors to the website and the use of cookies.

The discussion relating to cookies is irrelevant with respect to how long they are active, as there are none set for the new website.

However - Session IDs and Cloud hosting/server

Cookies are set if I use them.


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Background to the Village Hall Website