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Be careful not to Spam your own Website

If you launch an experiment in seeing how long a page takes to get indexed and to determine what effect it has in getting clicks you run the risk of scewing your Analyics and Search Console results.

My experiment in getting a page to rank on Google and then monitoring the Impressions and Clicks resulted in my Google Search Console reports being inundated with entries related to the experiment making it difficult to see the other traffic.

I deleted the page in question when the product was out of stock. However, it will take a while for the Immpressions and Clicks to be less prominant in the reports. This is a similar situation as that I was describing on my page on Analytics Spam.

The experiment:

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The second Experiment

Seeing that there had been Impressions on my page on garden power tools from Aldi and Lidl it gave me an idea to do another experiment similar to the Aldi computer experiment.

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