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Search Effective?

The effectiveness of google search

I do question this in 2021. While it is true that consumers do make Internet searches for products that thay are interested in purchasing an item. It would make sense that a reteiler would want to be able measure this. I would suggest that there is more emphasis placed on this than exists in reality.

I setup a test i which I created a page for a product that I was interested in purchasing, in fact I did. My question was how many others were looking for information on the product. My page when created rank #4 in the SERP when I searched for the model number on Google. This was lower that the retailers own website and below that of a speculative review site.

The product was exclusive to the retailer, well that particular model although it was available in other parts of Europe other than the UK. I think the Belgian website came in at #5. I purposely used the term "review" on my page as I knew that there were no reviews for the product and there would be those that were looking for one. At least from the UK.

What I found

Despite the fact that the product was for sale throughout the UK and my page was being found by those searching on Google for it, the number of clicks that I collected were, I thought, far fewer than expected.

The product went on sale on the 28th February 2021, only on-line. It was available for pre-order sometime on the 26th, the product sold out at around midday on the 1st March. This was a little imprecise as it seemed that many had the product in their online shopping basket. The retailers website that the item is held for 30 minutes but it never seems to be released.

Seeing that the first three impressions did not contain a review, as one didn't exist, I conclude that there were not that many looking for one to enable a descision about a possible purchase. Throughout the day of the 27th and 28th I was receiving only a couple of clicks an hour and in total there were only just over 100 clicks. I realise that I was only looking at Google and many may have been searching on Bing or other search engines, but I expected more.

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