Semantically Linked pages

Semantically linking web pages means that both the name of the web page file, its Title tag and header text are semantically similar. This should mean that if your content is indexed by a search engine robot it is more likely to be found if an Internet user makes a web search using a similar search to the semantics of the page.

The Theory

Well, my theory anyway!

When an Internet user makes a search the Search Engine attempts to match the search string with its index. If you have a page that matches then it MAY be found. I say may as their are many other factors at play here. However, if you haven't got a page containing the search terms then it is unlikely to be found.

The Google (and other search engines) algorithms heavily skew the results of a search. There are many that will tell you that they have the solution to getting your pages found

Have I been doing this?

Not as much as I should. I have been adding more semantically linked pages to see if any are found making searches.


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