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Proof Reading and Auditing your Web Design

This is probably the most important aspect of running a sucessful website. Getting as many people involved to read and make constructive comments on the content. Not only does the site have to up-to-date, and it needs independant checking for this to be the case, but issues such as spelling and grammar need to be checked. As an erstwhile "techie" I am praticularly bad in this regard!

The creation of content is complex enough in itself, many are extremely compitent in the creation of documents in word processing software and financial analysis using spreadsheets. The administration and uploading of documents to a website are probably not of interest to the specialists in this field. However, those that generate the content such as meeting minutes and agenda need to be able to "proof read" their content on-line.

In my experience it is only when a document is uploaded that errors are found.

Time Commitment

Often overlooked in the costing of how much a website is going to cost. The upfront charges and the maintenance are really a minor part of the outlay. In the case of a Parish Council the task of running the Parish website is left to the responsibilty of the clerk to the council. In our village this has been transferred to me a Parish Counciller.

Although a hostng service is promoted as "free" there is a considerable effort required to learn the software offered as such and time needed to collect and upload content.

As an example

In my analysis of solutions to the need for an alterenative to address the situation of EssexInfo cloding on 31 March 2020, I was referring to CVS instead of VCS.

As this was important that I got this correct, someone could be searching for a VCS review, I renamed my page from cvs.html to vcs.html and changed all links to the remamed page. I ran the risk of "ophaning" links on pages that I missed.

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