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I have a text file of the contents of Villare Cantianum, or, Kent surveyed and illustrated, by John Philipot b 1589 - d 1645. Thomas Philipot d. 1682 and collected by John Philipot

When cited it is often referred to as "Philipots". Villare Cantianum came to my attention when it was mentioned by the Duchess of Cleveland in her book "The Battle Abbey Roll".

Wye was a hundred of the county of Kent - it does not exist on modern maps or as an administrative region. Villare Cantianum is not easy to decypher but the county of Kent was divided by the Tudors, Henry and Elizabeth.

Wye is an historic village in Kent, England, centred 12 miles (19 km) from Canterbury

Villare Cantianum: OR KENT SURVEYED and ILLUSTRATED. Being an exact DESCRIPTION of all the Parishes Burroughs, Villages, and other respective Mannors Included in the County of KENT; And, the Original and Intermedial Possessors of them, even until these Times.

Drawn out of Charters, Escheat-Rolls, Fines, and other Publick Evidences; but especially out of Gentlemens Private Deeds and Muniments.

By THOMAS PHILIPOTT Esq; formerly of Clare-Hall in Cambridge.

The Introduction to Villare Cantianum

To the Nobility and Gentry of KENT.
My Lords and Gentlemen,

I Have at last demolishd those difficulties which intercepted this Work, in that progress it endevoured to make, to offer it self up both to yours and the publick view. Yet I do not deny, in a Peice made rugged with so many knots, several Mistakes and Omissions must (through Inadvertency and Mis-information) have slip'd in; some of which had their first extraction from the Presse, and some their birth from my Pen:
All which I have collected into a Table of Addenda, which is immediately subsequent to the Preface, whither the Reader may retire to disperse all scruples.


Raymonds in Kent

Raymonds is the last place of Account in Wye, which afforded a Seat, and gave a Sirname to a Family so called, and were eminent in this Parish many hundred years since, as being Stewards to the Abby of Battle for Lands near this place, and it is probable this place was the original Seminary or Fountain from whence the Raimonds of Essex, Norfolk, and other Counties in this Nation, deduced their primitive Extraction: But to advance in my discourse: this Family of Raymond having long since abandoned the Signory of this place, it hath been for sundry Descents the Inheritance of Beck, and is still entituled to the propriety of one of this Name and Family.

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