When I was looking to see what the W3C say about Containers I found that W3.css has it covered. In the discussion on Containers <div> tags are referred to as containers and classes are created to determine their behaviour in a layout.

The W3C Schools website is obviously constructed using W3.css

W3.css is a Framework

Linking W3.css

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css">

When this page has the w3.css file linked - the first thing I see is that the text colours on my side menu are in conflict. The responsive nature seems to be okay. I have commented it out so that the meu can be seen

The toggle function

I have not got this to work as I want. I think I need to review my JavaScript operators as I can get the CSS Framework to toggle to the W3 one but not back again.

When the page loads the W3 Framework is not linked.


When I developed my accordian I think that I screwed up my Javascript - Here I will try and compare them.

Yhe JavaScript when moved to an external file seems to require a double click


External Sources

  • W3 CSS - 🔗 - on the W3C Schools website
  • W3.CSS Containers - 🔗 - used extensively in the Parish Council website
  • The Toogle - 🔗 stackoverflow - a question on switching a link tag using JavaScript