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County Broadband - Review
Belchamp Walter, Essex

A review of County Broadband

County Broadband "rolled-out" "Fibre to Home" Internet (FTTH or FTTP) in Belchamp Walter late 2020.

Update 11 August 2021

Over the last couple of weeks the reliablity of the County Broadband service has been abismal. It has been down for hours at a time over multiple days.

Quite frankly this is not acaceptable. Another communication with CBB is going to be made. See the communication that I had with them before about digging up roads in the village.

The install

This page was meant as a mini review of the service and to post some things that were not explained fully at the time of the installation. This is not meant as a critis of those that performed the various installations as it is realised that they were on tight schedules and could not be expected to explain evrything in detail to the very few customers that this would mean anything to.. I mentioned my communication with CBB reagrding the installation
of the infrastructure on a previous page.

First of all an information sheet on the router was left by the technician. Whie this gave a brief explaination of the lights on the box it was not really that informative. I provide a link to the router (Fibre Gateway) as that may be of interest to those that want to know.

GR241AG - FGW - Fibre Gateway

The login to the gateway is - you will need a User Name and Password.


Performance of the install was as exected and downoad and upload speeds of 400Mbyes were achieved.

Ports Blocked?

This will make little sense to those just looking for a review of CountyBroadBand Fibre, but I don't seem to be able to connect to FTP when I try from a wireless hotspot connected to the powerline adapter on my internal network.

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