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This page is probably not what you expected when you clicked on a Social Media icon.

This website realises that Social Media is here to stay. How it "fits" is another question.

Mark Zuckerberg has created a new "brand" Meta - what is this all about?

Bullying and Influencing

One of the reasons I think that Facebook have changed their "brand" is that there are increasing more reports of abuse of the "Big Blue App". A former Facebook employee, whistleblower, has made some pretty damning claims that Facebook is guilty of putting profit before safety.


What bothers me is that when I click on the Facebook link on my "Friends" prototype page I get suggestions of people I may know.

The Facebook link is just to and the reason that it takes me to my (fake) Facebook page is because I am logged-in to that account. To many this would not seem strange as when they access Facebook they want to go thier page. I think the same would apply to a mobile device where you have the app installed.

I do know the people suggested but I have never communicated with them or made them "friends" on Facebook.

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