The concept of an Influencer and a Target

Looking at Social Media in an analytical manner this concept of Influencers and Targets and who is which comes to mind. I am not sure who is whom and the thought they are possibly they are one and the same!

However, from what I have observed is that most users don't care and are more of the opinion that there is nothing wrong here and Facebook is a great tool for communication, entertainment and as a source of information (news?).

An influencer is someone who attempts or thinks that what they post as having an influence over those that read it. The Target is those the read the content.

Facebook Newsfeed

As a non-Facebook user I may have the wrong impression here, but these are my observations.

No doubt there is an element of an attempt of influence here. As I say, this is the intent of those that post, not what the outcome is!

Coronavirus Support

I think that we have all learnt things in light of the current crisis. The establishment of Facebook Groups with this in mind has been a great initiative.

The negative posts/comments are uncalled for. I have a few thoughts on that subject - stay tuned.


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The concept of an Influencer and a Target