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Friends Feb 2023
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Friends Feb 2023

Below is the QR code that is on the promotional material for Friends Memebership

The link is to the friends.html page on the parish council website. At the moment I have a redirect to new_fiends.html as I was using a completely different template from my earlier work for the friends.

Work so far

Since starting the project I have changed strategy a number of times. Some of the earlier templates exist on the Parish Council Server Old template (Also has redirect)
Old template local
Live page - on Parish Council website.



The friends_old.html version has clickable buttons that display alert boxes. These can be replaced with "proper" modal dialogs, as in the shim.

Using a modal

Click for membership pop-up form

Membership Form

Please enter your details

The print button will print a completed form. This will require a lot more work.

Using a pdf

Click for application PDF form

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