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DOM Events

DOM Events are what Objects do. They are triggered by Event Hamdlers and programaticaly using JavaScript/ECMAScript. While this may sound obvious what I am trying to do is seperate out some of the information on sites such as W3C and MDN. While these sites are great references what I am trying here is an approach from the actual building of websites.

There are far too many Events for me to document and I have no intention of trying! I only look into Events as I find them in code that I am using.

What W3C say:

HTML DOM events allow JavaScript to register different event handlers on elements in an HTML document.

Events can be added to all HTML elements (at least I think so). In some cases such as form elements such as buttons and input fields the elements have little use without an event. For a button the event of onClick() is a must for the button to have any use. In the case of a form element the submit button has a greater significance.

Elements need IDs

While you can select elements by various methods I am using ID in my Page Context settings.

If an element has the id="top" and it has been declared "fixed" the link to "Top of page" will not work.

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