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Animation Revisited

The subject of Amination in website design is one that has implications that are possibly not well understood.

My page design uses animation quite extensively and mainly relies on the W3C.css library for its implementation. The page design uses a W3C.css template that is highly modified.

If you are viewing this page on a computer screen, i.e. higher resolution, and you refresh the page - you will see the animated left overlay menu.


Shown below is the Cylon-Eye example given on the MSN page featuring animation techniques.

Listening for dispatches

I discuss the code for the Cylon-eye on another page.

A Slideshow/Carousel

I also feature some of these on this website were some of the code is based on a mixture non W3.css classes and some taken from the framework.

The discussion relalting to the presentation and how this has implications on accessibility are also featured on my pages.




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