Thoughts from the UK

The phylosophy for building content on my UK website

A good exercise that allows me to think what I want to post. This site is a hobby after all.

The site name and domain

As I was saying before the reason that I picked tempusfugit was that it represented the passage of time, a theme that was one of the reasons that I was posting on this website and my blog. However, I fear that the association of this name with my real name has become tainted and I may not continue with it for that reason. I am not wedded to the domain name as I have no business interests associated with it and nobody really knows me by that name except for really close friends and someone who I seem to have pissed-off.

While I don't really care if someone who searches for my real name and tempusfugit that they will find the nonsense posted about me, it is a source of annoyance. The full story relating to what I posted to cause offence is still posted on my Canadian webite, What I am asking myself now is whether I want to include that information on my UK presence.

Although I have registered another tempusfugit in the UK I may register a new identity to continue with. The and the hosting through hostinguk are an experiment in what I could do in the UK.

Web Page/Site Design and Development

This is to remain pretty much that same as it did with my Canadian site. I intend to code all my pages although I have multiple CMS platforms made available to me via the hosting package that I intially tested out. is currently hosted from a server in Whitby Ontario and costs me $180 per year. As I currently reside in the UK it does not sense for me to host a website from Canada. The blog, currenty called "Thoughts from the UK", is a Google Blogspot blog and is free. The blog, although having a "technology-muse.blogspot" URL, is without cost and therefore will continue as long as Google will have it.

Site Navigation and file/directory structure on server.

This is simplified from what I had on the Canadian site as I will not perpetuate the /sitewatch and /techwatch directory structure. The only reason that I started this was that I was in a process of isolating some of the information that I had posted.

The navigtion of pages is as it was on the Canadian site in that the top of the page can be reached by clicking on the date and time in the footer and a list of topics via the domain name.

Search Engine Spidering

As it took a good number of years for to get ranking on Google, so I fully expect the process to take time. I am of the belief that Google, and other search engines, will find unique content in all good time. If the name of a website, its domain or pages (the URL of that page) contains that unique information, the search engines will find it. As a consequence if you search for a domain name and its owners name, even if it is published on a website that is not owned by you, it will be found. This is the reason why I may not continue with the domain tempusfugit. This website is not about me and nothing to do with my real name. So an association is irrelevant.

I prided myself in that visitors found my pages by searching for topics of interest, and NOT my name or domain. If I link to this website I will be using the REL="nofollow" attribute. The theory here is that I am not really interested in recreating my old website.


Observed Searches and Visits:

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