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In keeping with many other pages on this website it is best viewed on a larger screen.

My interest in relates to the use of Facebook’s Social Plugin.

I am confused. Just like anyone finding my website - what is it all about and what is the motivation for

Unlike this website TIM has advertisements running on it and perhaps that is its raison d'être. Reading the "about" page does not really give any more insight as there is no "why" - the content is as wide as mine - I guess the clue is in the title.

There is more about Social Media on TIM and it leads me to think that this is the reason. There are some questions and concepts that I am interested but I am not a Social Media user so it is pretty academic. Articles on the use of Facebook - friend requests and the dynamic behind them. I will have to look closer but I am not sure if I will learn anything new.

Taking a closer look all the posts have a Facebook Comments section at the end. This seems to be a brilliant Data Harvesting technique that is called Facebook Social Plugin.

Data Mining

As I say, brilliant! If someone, who is a Facebook user actually makes a comment on the website, presuambly a "linkage" between the website and the commenters Facebook account is established.

Facebook Developers

I can't really comment on how this works in practise as I don't use my Facebook account and all that I know is if I click on the Facebook Comments Plugin I am taken to the Facebook account that I am currently logged into. I am currently contemplating the significance of this.

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