New Page from Template

You do this by opening the file _botresp.html in your text editor and saving it as a file with name that you choose.

The Header and Footer text are determined by the file script.js - Once this has been set you will not have to change this again unless you want to change the text on all your pages.

Each page has a <Title>, a Heading Title and a Bottom Title - the <Title> appears in the browser tab, the Heading and bottom titles explain what the page is about - they can be all the same text.

What to change

The titles are denoted in the template by *** TitleText *** - at the time of writing this page the lines are 2, 25 and 57

Adding Content

This is added in the "main" content section.

Links to other pages can be added to the Links Section and the Main Content section.


External Sources

Bottom Title