Going Forward with website design

In some respects I am a little disappointed that the Village Hall has been shut due to the CoronaVirus scare. I was looking forward to see how the Village Hall website waa beig used. My suspisions from the past were that there was little activity, the Wordpress activity logs bear this out, needed to be confirmed going forward.

In any case my decision to return to the Wordpress.com administered website makes a whole lot more sense. In fact, if it were not for Covid I may have wasted more of my time on pages on bwvh.uk.

Having written/designed some forms for an organisation that requires email contact with those making bookings it appears that there is a potential in that dependiing on how your website is hosted the email may or may not work the way that you want.

Blacklisting of email servers

My experience is that hostinguk is not on a blacklist (as far as I know) and tsohost is.

The issue is with authenication and this may change and you have now way of determing whether a host is blacklisted until you sign up and try to send emails. Some email addresses/platforms may work others the emails do not get delivered. It saddens me to say that this could be a reason to sign up with Wordpress as they too big to blacklist.

It’s not uncommon for a mail IP address to end up on a public blacklist, especially on a shared server.

It also looks like forwarders are considered to be insecure and the use of Gmail may be a solution.

Let's Encrypt and Acme Challenge

I describe having to reeset the DNS when the emails didn't send from the tempusfugit.me.uk domain on my page on ACME Challenge.


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