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Create TextNode

How to use the HTML DOM createTextNode() Method

More ventures into the DOM

I came across this method while poking around the W3C documentation and tutorials and when I came across a way to display the html of a webpage on an iPad. This was in conjunction with the createElement() Method and the HTML DOM appendChild() Method

In keeping with a lot of my other coding I am trying to investigate techniques as I come across them. This is a different approach to being taught these techniques. In most cases I create a webpage on a piece of code that I am actually using.

The W3C Example:

function myFunction() {
  var para = document.createElement("P");
  var t = document.createTextNode("This is a paragraph.");      // Create a text node
  para.appendChild(t);                                          // Append the text to <p>

How I saw this used

When I was looking for a way to view the html code of my pages on my iPad Pro I came across an Apple blog/website post on how to add JavaScript code to a bookmark. The JavaScript creates a pew page, in a new tab, that is built by creating, appending and adding to the HTML on that new page.

innerText vs. innerHTML

In the example for create_textnode Method there is no need to assign the value of a var to an element before it is appended. This can be done using the createTextNode method. The second example does not use this!

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