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Code Review

The controlling code is taken from the W3C Schools examples. There are 2 and I am trying to incorporate them both on this design. The first is a static slideshow with thumbnails of the gallery of photos and advance and previous images. The second is an automatic slideshow that I currently use on my Home page and developed galleries.

CSS and Scripts

The earlier examples still have the css and js on the development pages (see links above).

I am using a few experimental files here - slides.js and a gal.css - I may have modified the main css and js files to get this to work (as far as it does). I will have to recheck them and tidy them up if I use them for a template. For example, the slides.js have display functiions that control the time of slide display - I want to make this so that I can pass a parameter to a function instead of having functions that have a fixed time for "Faster" and "slower" (Fast and Slow).