The best paid alternatives to EssexInfo

There many companies offering website design and hosting. As for who or what is best, that is a matter of personal choice. From the research that I have purformed the offerings from seem to be some of the best.

As a Parish Counciler if I were not undertaking to design my own website and arrange its hosting, I would seriously concider ParishCouncilWebsites. Although their solutions feature the use of WordPress, I would still see this as the best choice. If I were to become unable to administer the Parish Council website I would recommend to the Council ParishCouncilWebsites.

Note that the cost of "doing it yourself" using my method is less than £100 per annum.

Currently the cost of a Domain registration and hosting, through is £53 per year.

a.k.a. NetWise UK. They ofer 3 packages, recomended for Parish Councils, the Basic package is £399 setup and £100 per year on-going.

2Commune UKLC (UK Local Councils)

Making a search for our own Parish Council I came across a "preview" of what a website designed and implemented by 2Commune would look like.

A quote from an announcement from 2Commune on securing contracts for Leicestershire and Rutland

Trying to find out what the cost would be I found:

We appreciate that the basic setup cost of £650 + VAT and annual cost of £400 + VAT will be prohibitive for small councils and have decided to discount this price down to £250 + VAT for the basic setup and £250 + VAT for the basic annual fee for councils with a 2016 / 17 precept of £15K or less. Please note that this offer is made outside of the framework and that pricing will revert to our standard pricing should your council's precept go over £15K in future years.

If your council already has a website. This node can be redirected to your website to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation).


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The best paid alternatives to EssexInfo