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WCAG Standards

I am not sure if I can claim that I follow these guidelines, but I try!

My design is inherrently easy to use, menus, text, contrast and fonts chosen so that they are clear when viewed on all devices. The main reason for this is Responsive Design.

Update: October 2020

I have checked the Belchamp Walter Parish Council website against the WCAG requirements and am happy that it meets the guidance issued by the goverment. I need to write an "accessiblity" statement for the website.

The accessibilty audit was completed using the guidance "Doing a basic accessibility check if you cannot do a detailed one". (See link below) . The government website explains the conditions and requirements for performing an audit and establishing compliance. As a small Parish Council there are only limited funds availble for a 3rd party audit. The estimated costs for such an audit are detailed on the government website and this can run into the thousands of pounds. The accessibilty requirement is mainly applicable to larger public sector providers, in general Parish Councils are not in this sector due to their size.

What the UK government says:

Regulations came into force on 23 September 2018 which say that all public sector websites or mobile apps must:

  • meet accessibility standards
  • publish an accessibility statement

The 20 September 2020 deadline refers to mobile apps, not websites that are designed to be accessed on a computer.

If a website user finds an accessibility issue on a public sector body’s website, they should raise the issue with the website owner first by using the contact details provided in the body’s accessibility statement.

A Cookie-Free website

As I do not use cookies I cannot do what Braintree District Council are offering on their website.

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