Spam and the Village Hall Website

It seems that the Wordpress forms are using a "plug-in" called Jetpack - also by the same authors as and Akismet

I have to admit that WP and Akismet, possibly because of Jetpack, do a pretty good job of blocking spam emails. This is at the same time as the fact that WP sites are a huge target for spammers. In fact I was a little concerned that opening up my sites with forms would expose my input to abuse. However, with this design template I can make my custom pages look sufficiently similar to the Wordpress theme that most users would not know the difference.

In fact I would hazard a guess that many would not know that anything had changed from Colin's design.

Update: I changed the Subject in the Jetpack contact form on 8 March and no spam as yet on the 9th.

An Example - taken from the Feedback on the Village Hall website

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About this template

As an experiment I am using the new template for the Village Hall, it has both top and bottom responsive menus with toggling drop-down and drop-up responsive menus.

There are a few observations from using this template:

I will have to try this design on BWVH- I have the Events and Site map in a new (interim) design as it is. Due to the lack of interest and feedback from the potential users of the website there is n hurry to update the pages.

Update: I now have the Events, and Legal pages to the new design and I have changed the WP site to reflect the new design i.e. I have removed a lot of the explanatory stuff from the About this website which was in a dropdown. The pags still exist on the WP site but they are no longer in the menu that the user can see.

As stratergy I think I will update pages that are either major pages accessed from the WP site and those that I see accessed by searches, i.e. Quiz Night


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Spam and the Village Hall Website