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DJI Mavic Pro drone

Belchamp Walter, the vilage pond

Above is an example taken from above the crossroads at Belchamp Walter Essex.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro drone

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

At the moment I am not sure if this is just a gimic or a useful tool. We shall see, I will take the moible phone gimble on a few trips to see if it is. Attracted by the image stabilization on the Mavic and my propensity to shake and take pictures of my fingers I thought that this might be a good idea.

It remains to seen if the extra piece of kit is really worth carrying around. The ability to able to zoom and change orientation with the touch of a button seems good. And there is the image stablization, which seems to work quite well.

DJI Forums

I am not sure if I am entirely happy being associated with this forum. The emphasis is a little too "laddie", American lads as well! I can't say that I an surprised as it is not that disimilar to other fora that I have tried to use.


I am now a registered drone Operator and Flyer OP-2F77RMT (5 November 2019).


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