Controlling a Slideshow

Having developed an automatic slideshow, using the examples on the W3C Schools website, I want to add more control to the display. The integration on my templates seems to work well but I want to add the capability to pause, change the refresh speed and to manually advance and retard the display.

Again, StackOverflow seems to give a hint on how this can be acheived. I think the code is almost there it is just a question of getting it to work.

I am working on a page on the Village Hall website directory and the Javascript file in question is in that directory (I was confusing myself as changes on the file in this directory had no effect!) The new code will be in slides.js

The code looks pretty similar comparing that from the W3C example and the StackOverflow question. The slideshow display is controlled by the function showSlides(). The main difference with mine is that I have a timeout in the function.

What I wnat to achieve

The menu at the bottom of the page will be used to control the slideshow.


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Controlling a Slideshow