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The Village Sign
Belchamp Hall from Church Tower
The Crossroads
Chantry Chapel
Belchamp Brook
St. Mary's from the air

Analysis of the code

For use in Parish Council website I don't really need the thumbnails at the bottom of the display. The css to implement this seems to be a little too much for what I want. The Caption has been moved to the top in bw_gallery.html. I will try bw_gallery2.html with an alt in the MySlides class. Acutally I changed the img to have class="pix" and added the alt attribute to that.

There is a shit-load of css here! The text for the caption comes from the image that displays the thumbnail. There is probably an easier way. I don't see why the captionText.innerHTML cannot be set by an alt attribute in MySlides class rather than the demo cursor class.

The function showslides(n) extracts the captionText - this will have to be modified in bw_gallery2. If I can get this to work I can dispense with the rowb class. Actually, the class is row and it is not styled. But it does have a "clear", but has more effect on my orignal code than it does on the new code on this page. This means that I need to see what I am setting to a light blue background-color in rwd.css


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