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First of all, is not a business. As such there is no requiement for me to follow rules setup to regulate businesses. There are some common grounds but the level at which I need to comply are far looser.

For example, Cookie Policy and Data Protection.


Facebook and Privacy

In fact Social Media in general.

I do not use Facebook or Twitter. I admit to be puzzled by the acceptance of those that do with regard to privacy. While there is much retoric on this subject Social Media seems to be an intregal part of many peoples lives.

In a recent experiment with trying to promote a local event where it was suggested that Facebook be used to post an advertising poster with a link back to I became well aware of Facebook's endeavours to prevent personal users "gaming" their platform.

You are about to leave this website. is a non-commercial website. No payment or benefit is gained by the placement of links to other websites.

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