Belchamp Walter Parish Council website

I completely re-vamped the Parish Council Website using a W3 template, actually two. The main page was taken from the "Portfolio" design and the sub-pages I adapted from the simple one page layout.

The website uses the W3 Framework

It definitely looks different! Some of the animations and the layout are "interesting". I find the code more tiresome to maintain than my own. This could be mainly due to it being different. Still, it is good to experiment.

Update - July 2021

I have started to add pages for the "Friends" group. I decided to expand my use of the main template and created a page for the "Friends" using it. In fat I have found that the template is not too bad to work with and I have formatted it so that I can maintain it better.

The use of W3 Containers

While this is supposed to give a uniformity for margins, padding, colours etc, it is proving to be a little restrictive as I want to change the text colour on my sub-pages to contrast with the background of the Village sign.

Update - July 2021

Actually, as I may abandon the sub-pages using the template that I developed the W3 Framework seems to work well in as far as colours and I have found out how to customise them and to override the interaction with the W3 Framework and my CSS files.

Top of page hide until scroll

As an exercise I modified my Fixed Bottom Menu to do this. The "Top of page" menu only appears when the page is scrolled down. I wanted the menu to disappear when the screen was scrolled to the top but I need to work on this. However, clicking on "Top of page" clears the menu and goes to top.

Searching for "Belchamp Walter PC"

I found that when searching for "Belchamp Walter PC" I was getting pages for PC repair websites.

I added additional text to the TITLE tag of the index page and that did not meet with approval from the clerk of the council. I added "Nothing to dowith PC Repair" to the TITLE. This was deemed to be confusing to anyone who visited, and there are few (and I agree it was confusing), so I removed it as it wasn't necassary. I left PC in the title and that was enough to displace the PC Repair listing.

I used GSC to submit a new page for indexing and the SERP was appropriately updated as per the new TITLE. I was quite please about this but I did not see the same behaviour when I tried it on another page.


In an effort to develop a support strategy for the "Friends of St. Mary's" it was suggested that an ecommerce website be setup to sell Church related products. While initially thinking that this was beyond my scope with the Parish Council website, after doing some research, considering the time-scales involved in coming up with products and events for the group the development of a shopping-cart and processing system is not beyond the scope of either the Parish Council website or the Village Hall website.


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