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Nymwars - not using your real name

Back in 2011 I was in the process of setting up a Google and a Microsoft account, and probably a Facebook plus other Social Media that existed at the time.

Like so many others I was trying to use a "nickname" to open an account. In my case it was the name of my website.

Google were in the process of launching their answer to Facebook, it was called "G +" or G Plus.

"Nymwars" is a blended word and was coined to describe synonyms and the war against using them.

What Google were saying about G+ - in 2011

Our ultimate ambition is to transform the overall Google experience, making it beautifully simple, almost automagical as we understand what you want and can deliver it instantly. This means making identity and sharing into all of our products so that we build a real relationship with our users. Sharing on the web will be like sharing in real-life across all user stuff. You'll have better more relevant search results and adds. Think about it this way. Last quarter, we shipped the Plus and now we're going to ship the Google part.

Google shut-down Google + 2 Aril 2019.

My issue now is that the people that I know and think that Facebook is so fantastic probably have never heard if G+.

What I was sayng in 2011

The trouble is that I remain to be convinced that Social Media is something the consumer wants or just something that the providers of these networks see as a business opportunity.

10 years later I still remain to be convinced that Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) are in any way a force for good.

I was also saying:

I wasn't invited to participate in the beta trials - I would not have taken it up even if I had. The "Real Name" issue is a deal breaker for me as the ability to maintain an alias or anonymity is important to me.

A little later in August 2012 I joined G + when it became available to all the world. Google suspended the account:

G+ suspension

To do this I had to change my "nickname" to Maurice Wombat. I had to change this as my Gmail account was used for village (PC) communications and it was too difficult to explain why I had that name!

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