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What does Munt mean?
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What does Munt mean?

In the context of Belchamp Walter, "Munt" was derived from "Mount". Earlier maps of the area show Mount Farm and Mount Farmhouse, these are now Munt Farm and Munt House. There is also a Munt Cottage.

At first I thought that Munt was a shortened version of Muntjack, , many of which inhabit the woodland of Belchamp Brook and the Belchamp Estate.

The dictionary definitions

There is no real clear definition of the word "Munt" in English in any of the dictionaries I can find on-line.

According to

noun. Southern African and Zimbabwean slang, derogatory a Black African.

I grew up in rural Essex and even someone from Saufend (Southend-on-sea) would not know about words used in South Africa or Zimbabwe. There may be those that may have made such comments about immigrants but would not have used Munt.

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